Dream of Missing Body

MEANING: Dream of missing body signifies that now you have to think about your new goals and start working to achieve them. No need to play along or make compulsive purchases. You are having a problem expressing your feelings. Reduce activities today to the maximum and, of course, avoid risky ones. If you also want to be seen as an achiever, dress up in your best.

SOON: Missing body in dream signifies that the essential thing is that you enjoy being with a person you haven’t seen for a long time. You keep track of those preparations that take time and effort. Your attitudes and way of seeing reality are in a period of transformation. If you are single, you can afford an idyll that may not be very long, but it is intense. In your shadow, on the dark side of your personality, there is much learning that you must not avoid.

FUTURE: Dream of missing body indicates that in any case, it will not influence much in your daily life either. The smaller the guest list, the less trouble you will have and the more you will enjoy. Your accounts will be settled, and you won’t have to struggle again for a long time. Labor relations will be good, although you may suffer from a clash with a colleague. Work and personal effort will be rewarded later.

More about Missing Body

Dream of bodies shows that you will grasp very well what someone wants to tell you with a certain subtlety. The family will have to take care of the overworked moment and lend a hand. Someone close to you is waiting for the moment to declare his love to you. If you let yourself go, you will enjoy a romantic and passionate encounter. A move will require time, space and attention from you.

Dream of missing body contains special messages

ADVICE: Listen to the advice of someone in your inner circle. Try to do everything with a lot of organization and margin and it will work out well.

WARNING: Try not to spend anything on anything superfluous. Don’t let your shyness be mistaken for coldness.

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