Dream of Mins

MEANING: Dream of mins symbolises that try to slow down a bit or you won’t be able to relax. Be more permissive and do not react abruptly or it will be worse for you. Today you will be in the mood and each activity will be hard to perform. You can learn a lot from your past and your heritage. Try not to say what you really think if it is about professional or client relationships.

SOON: Mins in dream shows that someone new comes into your life who can surprise you much more than you think. Your relationship with your partner is consolidating at a fast and fast pace. Whenever you fall, you get up again and your ability to regenerate is almost magical. You’re too close to a target to throw in the towel now. Returning to childhood from time to time is not a bad idea.

FUTURE: Dream of mins expresses that maybe it’s a new job or money, in any case, you’ll celebrate with that person soon. Let yourself be carried away by the seduction that someone will exert over you. Even so you will see that you can give an advice and that will bring you peace of mind. Throughout the conversation he will propose a business or an idea that you can take advantage. You start a sexual stage of great fullness.

Dream of mins contains special messages

ADVICE: Just practice what you know and manage your energy better. Taste the last days of the vacation, and don’t do it in a sad or sorry way.

WARNING: Do not believe in superstitions and, above all, that they do not condition your movements. Don’t be obsessed with what you know cannot be.

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