Dream of Mins

MEANING: Dream of mins symbolises that there will be some transfers that will be very good for you to change of airs and perspectives. At work you have also been given some reprimand. A situation from the past will help you to face an unforeseen event in the present. In addition, they will feel free and independent to chart their own course without thinking of anyone else. It will not be a totally favorable day for health.

SOON: Dream of mins expresses that at the moment, the best thing is to enjoy every moment. The best thing you can do is reserve quality time, daily, for the person you love most. There is no greater victory than that which comes alone, almost without giving you time to blink. Work and pleasure can sometimes go hand in hand. Your strength is in you and in the people you love.

FUTURE: Dream of mins shows that you will know how to play certain cards very well. They will be good and you don’t have to have prejudices, of those that assault you often. You will recover your mental and physical balance and you will be guided by new paths. You will take time to rest and enjoy your hobbies. If you behave relaxed and honestly, you will change your image.

ADVICE: Reduce the fear to the minimum power and everything will be easier for you. Show him your appreciation and have some detail with him.

WARNING: Stop blaming those around you and decide, once and for all, to be happy. Don’t waste your energy on what has already happened.

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