Dream of Mices

MEANING: Dream of mices signifies that you are looking for a stimulation of your senses. You will perceive around you looks or attitudes that will not be to your liking. That’s not good, so you must organize yourself calmly, despite the rush, so you don’t forget anything. You can use to practice some sport outdoors or go out to have fun with friends. You might want to follow these new tips.

SOON: Dream of mices shows that your well-being requires a commitment to your health and that you get tested. You have more and more boards and you are a better professional. The more precautions you take, the better. You are desperate to get a date with that friend you like so much. The important thing is that you don’t get nervous and that you do everything with order.

FUTURE: Dream of mices symbolises that this low tone will change if you analyze things without so much passion, with more objectivity. Technology can help you, don’t leave it aside and get the best out of it, it will benefit you. There are winnings in sight if you know how to play your cards. A mother figure will influence your personal decisions. Your doubts can be clarified thanks to the intervention of a person who will advise you correctly.

ADVICE: Commit yourself to creating a better life. You must rethink your professional future and achieve the goals you have set.

WARNING: Imagine what repercussions this can have on your work. Stop pretending because, in reality, you are not benefiting anyone.

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