Dream of Metamorphosis

MEANING: Dream of metamorphosis indicates that you must break today with the routine of the day, doing something new that is out of the usual script. You should also take more care of your sleep. Your vital signs will stabilize, but now you must protect yourself. Perhaps you are reaching beyond your abilities. New commitments that you have acquired yourself are coming and that will imply reorganizing your time.

SOON: Dream of metamorphosis shows that sometimes, betting on the classic is a guarantee of success. It’s better to take the initiative if you don’t want to be waiting and end up in a bad mood. You keep thinking about an idea or project that means a major change. You play your cards right and apply your intelligence to reach your goals. You have been able to solve them and it is not a question of you blaming yourself.

FUTURE: Dream of metamorphosis symbolises that soon you will have much to celebrate, but you must be careful until you have everything well tied up. In a short time you will have the opportunity to make a good investment. In the festive playground you will live moments in which you will spend it like a child. Any physical activity will encourage this process of renewal. Luck is on your side and that which you so much seek or desire comes into your life at once.

ADVICE: Look for other alternatives as soon as possible, without hurry, but without pause. If in an affair with a partner, make things very clear.

WARNING: Don’t be so secretive or expect others to act for you. Don’t make the same mistake as last week.

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