Dream of Meeting A Love Interest

MEANING: Dream of meeting a love interest means that your pretensions can lead to disappointments in your relationships. You will live with passion a day that will bring you many satisfactions. Someone you care about might disappoint you. If you are employed there may be beneficial changes for you. You need to get rid and cut away at your old habits and former ways in order to move forward.

SOON: Dream of meeting a love interest symbolises that each one goes through its own process, as you well know. Your work is not only a place to spend time, but it is the center for growth and fulfillment. Returning to childhood from time to time is not a bad idea. You transmit security to others and therefore they trust you. You can’t say no because it suits you to relate to different people.

FUTURE: Dream of meeting a love interest indicates that you will see how much easier it is to address the issue. You will revive anecdotes of the past with nostalgia. You will be very busy with some social or political issue, even if you do it in an altruistic way. You will do well if you finish the week with that thorough work that requires all your attention. You will recover your mental and physical balance and will be guided by new paths.

ADVICE: For a few days focus on yourself and no one else. Stop depending on the approval of others, and follow your own principles.

WARNING: Don’t think everyone is lying, there are sincere people around you. You don’t have to bring up aspects of the past that are already behind you.

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