Dream of Mass Casualty

MEANING: Dream of mass casualty shows that the bells are ringing for you as far as love is concerned. Your strength and inner power are doubled. Be direct and practical in your words and actions. There is a topic or issue that you want to discuss, but do not know how to bring it up. Spend at least one hour writing a journal so you can organize your ideas on paper.

SOON: Dream of mass casualty suggests that your body is wiser and more powerful than you think and is sending you signals. Yours is only a point of view and it is neither better nor worse than that of others. It’s time to put aside certain complexes related to the physical or the image. Summer is your best time and you look great everywhere. You return to a place that you have always loved and that helps you feel better.

FUTURE: Dream of mass casualty shows that at least this way you will feel more comfortable in your skin, happier. It’s a perfect day for you to go to the movies and most likely someone will propose you. You will feel very relaxed when you get to do what you want so much. Certain complications in the family environment will be solved if you put on your side. You will recover the passion you thought was almost lost.

ADVICE: You must build your happiness according to what you want from your heart. Even if you feel fine, you should follow the medical recommendations.

WARNING: He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, do not trust him. Be cautious, which doesn’t mean you have to be afraid.

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