Dream of Making Someone Pregnant

MEANING: Dream of making someone pregnant shows that your partner needs your support more than ever as he goes through a difficult personal situation. You should not dwell on things and blame yourself for what you are not really responsible for. The sooner you organize your agenda for it, the better. If you are overweight, you can seek the help of a good nutritionist. You have let the genie out of the bottle and are unable to control the consequences.

SOON: Dream of making someone pregnant signifies that it’s a good time to remodel, buy or rent a new home. You can look for professional alternatives if what you are doing now does not satisfy you completely. If you want to, you can clarify a controversy in the family. You have worked hard and now that you have rested you feel it has been worthwhile. If your partner is not as enthusiastic as you are, convince her nicely, without arguing.

FUTURE: Dream of making someone pregnant expresses that everything changes and renews itself, but it is not a tragedy. Laughing at oneself is something very healthy, try it and you will see. Your notes will guide you on your aspirations and how to put them into practice. Recognizing it will calm you down more than you think. You get paid what you are owed and your pockets get filled again.

ADVICE: Celebrate each moment as a gift that will never be repeated. Let it be explained clearly, without making objections or thinking that you don’t like it right away.

WARNING: Don’t refuse an outing with friends for the sake of not spending, someone will be generous with you. Don’t get bored so soon of something that can bring you benefits of any kind.

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