Dream of Making Magic

MEANING: Dream of making magic symbolises that if you want to succeed and succeed you will have to put attention and effort on your part to achieve it. Today don’t shut up about anything, don’t continue to be a victim of anyone. You will get an extra sum of energy. Everything is going very well, but you need to rest so as not to go back at all. You will need to speak clearly at work so that you are understood.

SOON: Dream of making magic symbolises that loving implies being free and freedom demands being oneself. You are able to do different and fun things if you put your mind to it. Their needs, their health is very important to you. Your emotional energy is in harmony with your will. You know deep down that you are on the right path at this time in your life.

FUTURE: Dream of making magic means that everything will be fine and you will receive congratulations. A good friend will be your great ally in a project you are about to embark on. Giving is receiving, and your way of enjoying will be giving. You will feel full, happy and eager to go on your way. Conversations with friends will be a good way to let off steam.

ADVICE: Speak, write, send a message of love to anyone who will listen. You should think very carefully about what you do with it.

WARNING: Don’t try to solve them all at once because you won’t get it. Buries old tragedies and frustrations and expands professional boundaries.

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