Dream of Having Magic

MEANING: Dream of having magic suggests that you are breaking through obstacles and overcoming your limitations. Adjusting to a new schedule or a new task will not be as difficult today as you thought. Today you will notice a curious detail that will call your attention. You were waiting for a news that has finally arrived, but it may not be as you expected. Maintain a positive attitude so you can enjoy the new things life has to offer.

SOON: Dream of having magic indicates that you are in a delicate state of health and are fully responsible for it. To care for your body is to care for your mind, and the other way around. Your desire to excel increases but you must be very careful not to exceed. If you are optimistic with others, it will be easier for them to show collaboration with you. It’s time to reason and make everything clear.

FUTURE: Dream of having magic indicates that you will take a step forward to achieve your purposes and your dreams. That will cost you a little, but it will give good results that are important for the future. It’s time to discover and get to know yourself in depth. After a complicated stage in the professional, you could have several offers. If you don’t have it, you will meet that special person who will captivate you.

ADVICE: Take a good look at your relationship and start putting together solutions. You need to find your center of peace and meditation is the best instrument to achieve it.

WARNING: You have to repair physical and mental forces because you have a lot of work ahead. Look for techniques to help you relax and not go on like life is a race.

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