Dream of Making Cobra

MEANING: Dream of making cobra signifies that they will not be able to go, but you should not be angry with them since it is true that they have priorities. Perhaps you are not ready to confront your feelings. You have been entrusted with a special message or secret. Your charms will lead you to meet and impress key and powerful people. You are usually realistic and don’t mind admitting that there are things you should leave parked.

SOON: Dream of making cobra indicates that after all, it is you who holds the reins of your life. It’s time to push the limits and let you dream big. It’s a good time for you to take risks with money, but in as rational a way as possible. Evolution is necessary and it is now that you must be aware of it. Everything you are living is precisely what you needed to live at this moment.

FUTURE: Dream of making cobra shows that your efforts are paying off and you are getting great results. You just have to be authentic and honest with your feelings and everything will be fine. You will have a much better time than you expect. That will make values more all spiritual and less material things. Somewhere you will read information about a book that will draw your attention powerfully.

ADVICE: Take advantage of it to expand your circle of friends. Be patient with children and the elderly.

WARNING: Pass by and do not attend to anyone who is not in your tune. You must control outbursts and bad moods.

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