Dream of Macaw

MEANING: Dream of macaw shows that the course of your life could take an unexpected turn without you having to propose anything. Certain novelties will attract you strongly and if it is about technology, much more. It is important to be aware of opportunities that may arise today. You will find it easy to combine your private life with your career. It is not a question of giving up your good sports habits, but of applying them intelligently.

SOON: Dream of macaw suggests that everything is part of your learning and is for the good. You benefit more than ever from the fate of others. The cycle of trials and bad decisions ends. You have learned many lessons and now you have to put them into practice. It’s time to take action and give up all excuses.

FUTURE: Dream of macaw indicates that your critical sense will be noticed throughout the day. As if by magic all the discomforts of the previous days will disappear. Your resources will increase and with them your possibilities and your income. Activity of any kind will do you good in combating stress. This will give you a break and you will go back to perform your duties with more encouragement.

ADVICE: Take care of your money and look for better offers or wait until you can make a better selection. Listen, analyze and change certain attitudes of yours that should be more supportive.

WARNING: Make no mistake, for not everyone is the same bad person. Don’t get lazy and put off an important conversation with her until tomorrow.

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