Dream of Lots Of Cobra

MEANING: Dream of lots of cobra symbolises that something you have wanted to hide for a long time might come to light. During these days you will start a much more favorable time in the field of love. Running in the open air will help you feel better and disconnect from your daily problems. Export and import business will be very fruitful. Don’t make homemade excuses and let yourself go for once, without wanting to be the leader.

SOON: Dream of lots of cobra suggests that it’s time to keep in your more discreet positions. You are expanding social circles that lead to more friendships and a higher level of commitment. Your presence at the right time is very important. It’s true that you always manage to get out of the rut and move forward. The best thing you can do is listen to what your heart has to say.

FUTURE: Dream of lots of cobra expresses that life can be wonderful if you decide to see it that way and don’t give importance to what doesn’t. You will spend time taking care of yourself, playing sports and mastering more. That will make you quite calm and very confident in your possibilities. In addition, a friend will help you a lot and you will feel very grateful for their openness. Friends will be of great use to you at this time.

ADVICE: Enjoy everything you have and the gift of living. Nothing to fear in health matters because you will find yourself quite strong and lively.

WARNING: Even if it costs you, you have to dedicate more time to take care of your family. Don’t wait any longer to do what you like or what could make you happy.

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