Dream of Lot Of Snacks

MEANING: Dream of lot of snacks expresses that today you will be satisfied with your work and receive congratulations from your colleagues. Let him talk and give all the explanations he wants. You are planning a trip in which you must make important contacts or deal with material issues. You should control your temper if you don’t want to go to bed upset with someone. Maybe a money you count on won’t come when you expect it.

SOON: Lot of snacks in dream symbolises that you have a very clear conscience because of the steps you have taken. You have no reason to worry about your finances. Deep down, you’ve done the same thing many times, but in a different way. You now put all your attention on your material possessions. That’s fine as long as you don’t overdo it and invade their privacy.

FUTURE: Dream of lot of snacks symbolises that they will give you a lot of energy that you will channel properly. You will have things in common, but it may not be the person of your life. In the future you will move in this direction. You will start the year very excited with your new purposes and goals. In time everything will return to normal.

More about Lot Of Snacks

Dream of snacks shows that you start your day with a lot of energy and a contagious sense of humor. You will rest later, but now you need to give a last push and not leave it half done. You will feel better if you sleep at the recommended hours and avoid heavy meals. Any work with the public will be pleasant and profitable for you. You start the week with a labor conflict that you need to solve now.

Dream of lot of snacks contains special messages

ADVICE: Use your intelligence and your capacity for work or effort well. Project courageously all the greatness that is in you.

WARNING: Don’t say out loud what you think, wait for events. Be careful not to overspend especially on those last minute gifts.

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