Dream of Little White Mouse

MEANING: Dream of little white mouse suggests that in matters of love you will now find yourself in ups and downs. Try not to deceive yourself because it leads nowhere. Soon you will be with all your energy intact and will want to do many things. You have a need to strive for perfection. There is higher power that you will need to answer to.

SOON: Little white mouse in dream symbolises that if you are single, you don’t need anything else but a book and your friends nearby. You are looking for advice or support on knowledge you lack and now need to acquire. You are a new person who has overlooked some of your limitations through much effort. You do well to study new strategies to be more productive. Happiness is nothing more than feeling calm and tranquil with oneself.

FUTURE: Dream of little white mouse shows that for some time you will lose the key to your own happiness, but recovering it will only depend on you. Your financial worries will soon be over if you have faith and struggle to get ahead. You will reach very interesting conclusions that improve your present. If you have a partner, you will take refuge in her to forget everything. There is a strong spiritual side to you that now intensifies.

More about Little White Mouse

Dream of mice means that tempers will be warm and quite good-humored. New, more fruitful friendships are about to be born, but you must open yourself up to them. You have by your side other people who will be affected by the decisions you make. Your hobbies will be what keeps you awake, and you will have fun with them. Order, something you usually master efficiently, will be the key to it.

Dream of little mice means that this weekend you will enjoy great plans and social commitments. Someone will come to you because he trusts your good judgment. They will see everything in a pinkish shade, and reality will prove them right. You will be highly valued at work for your convincing way of expressing yourself. In work, you will begin to feel the reward of so much effort.

Dream of white mice signifies that your ability to express yourself will be on the rise, so you will have a lot of power of conviction. You feel especially creative and full of ideas that you may be able to carry out in the short term. You will let the events speak for themselves and that will make your image look very reinforced. A friend will thank you for something you have done for him and this will move you deeply. You will feel eager to get involved in new projects and experiences and to expand your horizons.

Dream of little white mouse contains special messages

ADVICE: Take advantage of the day to celebrate with family or friends. Be open to making new friends and they will come.

WARNING: Avoid your desire for perfectionism on this journey. Rectify as soon as you are aware of your mistake.

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