Dream of Liberty

MEANING: Dream of liberty symbolises that if there is something that still bothers you about the past, don’t keep it to yourself and express it. Major changes will occur over a short period of time. You know very well that you have to work for what you value. You are too busy doing your own thing that you have overlooked a person. It is time to take control of your destiny.

SOON: Dream of liberty shows that you have had a change of life, perhaps of work, and that has made you rethink many things. Many changes continue to occur within your home environment. It’s time to think things through and look for more stability. You need a new illusion and if you look around you, it is close to you. Where you put your attention, there goes your energy.

FUTURE: Dream of liberty expresses that you will see it right away if you get into it, even if you have never. If you can’t lend it, good advice will suffice, but be careful. You are now in a moment to have fun and make the most of life. You’ll feel better if you don’t keep anything inside, even if it doesn’t mean you lose your temper. You will rest later, but now you need to give a last push and not leave it half done.

ADVICE: Seek expert advice before making any firm decisions. Let yourself be guided by your intuition and you will get the answer you want.

WARNING: If you think he has not been up to the task, explain it to him. Accept that sometimes you rush to judge people and screw up.

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