Dream of Leaves Falling

MEANING: Dream of leaves falling suggests that perhaps, you want to be elevated in someone’s eyes. You should clear your head with some exercise or a good walk. You’ll be in a hurry at work and that may cause you to not finish things the right way. Anxiety is a negative factor for your health. Today you should put your interests first at a family meeting.

SOON: Dream of leaves falling means that your few, but good friends, continue to support you. You simply said what you wanted and sometimes that is the most important thing. It’s better to do it calmly and step by step until you reach the end of it. A desire arises in you that you had long ago silenced or put aside mentally. You start a favorable stage from the erotic point of view.

FUTURE: Dream of leaves falling means that it’s closer than you think and you won’t be in any hurry to lie to yourself, if necessary. Everything that affected or depressed you disappears. No doubt it will be worth it, but the decision can only be yours. You will find support from someone who never fails you. You will meet those people again, but now you must follow your course.

ADVICE: Consider what you really want from that relationship first. Evaluate if you really care or if it can hurt you in any way.

WARNING: Go ahead without listening to those who distrust your talent. Avoid criticizing or judging without knowing the person well.

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