Dream of Juuling

MEANING: Dream of juuling indicates that there will be pleasant moments when you will feel more at ease than you had thought. A run-in with a co-worker will make you restless a good part of the morning. Do not commit excesses and everything will be favorable to you. A message that you will receive at the right time will open the door to something new. To be happy you need to be able to see life without fear.

SOON: Dream of juuling indicates that the best thing is to be optimistic and try to do your best. Matters of the heart still do not have priority in your life. You like to feel pampered by your partner to whom you demand constant signs of affection. You are still very aware of all the professional and labor. Some small patch is visible in the pocket.

FUTURE: Dream of juuling suggests that you will begin a favorable change in relationships with partners. Something will happen to you that you didn’t plan for and you won’t know, at first, who to turn to. In addition, someone close to you might make a surprising confession. Your advice can be much more valuable than you think. A stronger bond will allow you to do some projects together.

ADVICE: You need to come to an agreement on this matter. Try to calm your spirits in that sense and to be reassured.

WARNING: Ask all the necessary questions, even if you think it gives a negative image of you. Get a general check-up to rule out any pathology, but don’t become a hypochondriac.

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