Dream of Jigsaw

MEANING: Dream of jigsaw symbolises that the wild side of life asks for passage, and it is time for you to take certain steps. Do not argue with him, but follow your inner voice. Watches for errors in labor relations. Your aggressive tactics can seriously damage your personal relationships. You are exploring aspects of your subconscious.

SOON: Dream of jigsaw indicates that you know you’re right with that new attitude you have about what is impossible to change. The new love that has entered your life is still in full swing, but you must not neglect it. You need one last push to finish several projects. You taste something that you love to do and that you like to share with people close to you. It’s all right, it’s cycles, but you want to be alert.

FUTURE: Dream of jigsaw symbolises that the future plans you are making need to be reviewed. You will be inspired to create, invent, renew and repair what is broken in your life. Your reflective personality and your vehement personality will come into action. You will want to make many plans and will be sociable and willing to meet new people. At night you can let off steam with a friend or your partner.

ADVICE: Think that just as you go about your business, so do others. You should change the chip and think about the weekend.

WARNING: Don’t hesitate to ask, although you will have to beg a lot to get a hand. Don’t stop to think about what you were planning to do and accept immediately.

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