Dream of Jigsaw

MEANING: Dream of jigsaw expresses that your personal experience will guide someone. You need to clean up your act and your attitude. You will receive a call or a message with an interesting proposal for the weekend. You won’t feel excessively cheerful about a news item in the work environment. Your friends seem to be always busy and you sometimes feel lonely.

SOON: Jigsaw in dream symbolises that the most important thing is that you free yourself from fear. It’s not about winning medals, it’s about having fun. You feel happy, but at the same time something is bothering you. Little by little your energies are reborn and you get involved again in projects that interest you. You fight with all your strength for what you want.

FUTURE: Dream of jigsaw suggests that there are many people with whom you are compatible. You will understand, almost suddenly, some of the events that you have lived lately. The cooperation that others can give you will be of great help especially in your workplace. You’ll feel very energetic and humorous and that will allow you to fix some pending issues. You may be thinking of an adventure with that person.

Dream of jigsaw contains special messages

ADVICE: Organize a special evening as you could use a dose of romanticism. Be patient, persevere, and in that way you will reach objectives that you cannot even imagine yet.

WARNING: Be careful with this attitude that prevents you from establishing contact with unknown people. Watch out for these obsessive thoughts, which will drive you crazy.

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