Dream of Jacket

MEANING: Dream of jacket suggests that you are in a state of contentment and calm. You have the right to shine, as long as you don’t crush anyone. You will suffer from a physical disorder. A somewhat difficult conversation with a family member will leave you sad and disappointed. Do not think you are immune to everything, there are physical efforts that are not the right time to do them.

SOON: Dream of jacket indicates that you are now recovering from any physical discomfort or illness you are experiencing. This is a co-worker who sees life differently than you do. In the summer months you prefer to enjoy trips and escapes with friends. A rather busy stage begins in terms of social relations. He is actually more right than you think, and he can help you a lot.

FUTURE: Dream of jacket suggests that that way of acting is going to be very useful to you emotionally in the future. You will seek to immerse yourself in new studies and expand your knowledge. You will no longer have to rely on the favor of others to act and do what you really want. You are starting over from scratch but with all the wisdom you have gained in recent years. Those around you will not shy away from praising you, which will be a boost of self-esteem.

ADVICE: Let yourself be carried away by all those sensations. Don’t think this means anything negative, on the contrary, it clears the way for you.

WARNING: Focus on your own for the moment and don’t judge anyone by what others say or think. Don’t be manirrotic and avoid unnecessary expenses.

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