Dream of Infertility

MEANING: Dream of infertility expresses that the topic of nutrition is of increasing interest to you and it is time for you to get down to business. It will be positive that you make this change with full awareness. You deserve to do what you truly want, even though there are people who may not understand it. You will feel the urgent desire to make a trip to a country or city where you have never been. Taking care of your own health should be a priority in your life.

SOON: Dream of infertility indicates that maybe it’s time to start saving to meet that goal in a few months. Health is the most important thing for you right now. Now it is time to live the present and look ahead, without guilt or self-pity. The business world is not as easy as you thought, but you are on the right track. You are living very intense moments that lead you to a change and internal growth.

FUTURE: Dream of infertility means that there is an inner regeneration, very spiritual. A conversation will make you realize things you have not understood until now. You will think about the future and how you can lay certain foundations that will make you progress. You will have more luck in love than you imagine. A saving you have to make will not necessarily mean a negative consequence.

ADVICE: Carry out a recount of the good and bad that has happened in your existence so far. Let yourself go, they will be very fun, intense moments.

WARNING: You must take care of the savings, that is not the thing to launch into the adventure. Avoid wasting time on things that take your energy.

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