Dream of Imam

MEANING: Dream of imam expresses that don’t let yourself be obsessed, listen to the arguments of others. Don’t be stubborn, but don’t give your arm away easily. Try to do exactly the same for him. Disappointment or envy are feelings that will do nothing for your happiness. Try to take it easy and face the unexpected with good humor.

SOON: Dream of imam means that you are doing your best, but life is asking for more time. You have learned many lessons and now you have to put them into practice. Taking the steps that indicate your own way of seeing things is the best thing you can do. Sometimes it is much more convenient to be in the background. You’re on a hot streak and it doesn’t have to change.

FUTURE: Dream of imam means that you will be in a good mood all day after receiving a significant amount of money. Things from the past now bring you a lot of luck and success. Planning them will make you feel more relaxed in some aspects. A reunion with someone from your past will make you feel emotions that you thought were forgotten. You will be left in charge of a project that will demand your full attention.

ADVICE: You just have to keep listening to that inner voice is your own wisdom. Try to reason with that person, especially if she is a friend or you share an apartment with her.

WARNING: Don’t feel bad, all your companions don’t have the same luck as you. Take your own responsibility now and don’t let anything or anyone make your board wobble.

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