Dream of Heavy Machinery

MEANING: Dream of heavy machinery symbolises that let it rest and distract yourself with something that provokes positive emotions. Having beautiful things or comforts around you in your most personal space is important to you. Don’t let the information concerned harm you. Watch out for food, remember that what you eat is like the gasoline in your body. You may be trying to escape from the demands of your daily life.

SOON: Dream of heavy machinery means that you are doing great with a friend who needs your help more than ever. You are in a good economic situation, but you have almost no free time left. Artistic or cultural activities are necessary for you as for others the bread. You believe you have the power to make circumstances work in your favor. You breathe peace and love around you and forget old quarrels and grudges.

FUTURE: Dream of heavy machinery symbolises that if it’s about improving your image, you’ll be right. You will find that the fear had been only a product of your mind. You know that it is of justice and that your push means doing something very positive for her. You will have to improve this part of your personality and focus on reality. You won’t mind traveling, moving and knocking on certain doors that were somewhat closed.

ADVICE: Be your best, but keep your feet on the ground. Tell him with sincerity and make everything clear so that nobody feels hurt.

WARNING: Beware of your stubborn side which is now imposing itself with great force. If you are in a process of separation, you must be strong not to back down.

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