Dream of Headlights

MEANING: Dream of headlights expresses that new opportunities are coming, but you will have to be very skilled to take advantage of them. You will stop feeling internal pressure about an issue that was worrying you at work. Don’t get confused and measure the shapes well if you are trying to seduce someone you don’t know in person. It’s nothing serious, but it’s not convenient for you. Avoid being too romantic and naive, something you must control if you don’t want to have displeasure.

SOON: Dream of headlights suggests that you are an adult and can take things as they are. You dedicate sunday to that activity for which you have no time during the week. It’s time to make the change in the home you’ve been valuing over the past few weeks. Income increases thanks to your hard work and initiative to try new things. Your emotions and feelings explode and you put more passion into your intimate relationships.

FUTURE: Dream of headlights suggests that some of the people around you will join a chain of family favors. Someone facilitates your work or takes care of a heavy subject. In the end, resignation will not mean so much to you. You will be particularly passionate and this will positively affect the relationship. You may know someone who will arouse your interest.

ADVICE: Throw yourself into a new love affair or professional. You have to find a way to find the balance your mind and body need.

WARNING: Don’t change your day plan or someone might be disappointed. Don’t regret, don’t waste time on depressions or negative thoughts.

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