Dream of Harp

MEANING: Dream of harp symbolises that for this it will be necessary that you do not let yourself be carried away by some of your impulses. Duties, work and your worries are making you a very bad-tempered person. There are many ways to do things, let him do them to his liking. You can turn to friends and stable relationships to feel something solid in your life. Some issue or relationship at work can be improved.

SOON: Dream of harp suggests that it’s time to make sure the information you are given is true, don’t stop until you find out. What interests you is to analyze it alone and see where the relationship is failing. Your overwhelming character is a quality, as long as you know how to control it. It’s a good choice because it’s really a problem for other people to solve. You can go to a specialist who can tell you about something that concerns you.

FUTURE: Dream of harp shows that you have potential, art, magic and that special something that is needed to get ahead and succeed. They will like you very much and open doors or opportunities for interesting contacts. You will see how a quite innovative project is not far away. The weekend will begin in a positive way. You will heal a spiritual or emotional wound from the past in an almost surprising way.

ADVICE: Assesses the consequences and responsibilities arising from it. Meditate on your strengths and make the most of them.

WARNING: Avoid any action that could put your economy at risk. The shortest path does not have to be the right one.

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