Dream of Granite

MEANING: Dream of granite suggests that chances are you will wake up today somewhat dizzy and anxious. Cultural activities will do you good on an emotional level. Slightly familiar clouds that will disappear with a little love and understanding. You will have a really good time on a day when you will also commit some excesses. It is important not to prejudge a situation or person based on the surface.

SOON: Dream of granite expresses that there are different aspects in your life that can be improved. You are now in control of your finances and making good use of your money. The best thing is to be sincere and ask for the clear. Talking about sex with your partner is essential now. Your love is true, but remember that love is watered every day.

FUTURE: Dream of granite shows that there may be employment changes, but they will not be negative. You’ve had too many expenses and you’re going to write that down, so it’s time to save. At night you will enjoy pleasant company and the pleasures of good food. You will not leave any tasks pending or unforeseen. There will be a spiritual connection with wealth.

ADVICE: Hold the shower and then try to reason your way. You must be guided by it and be willing to make changes in your life.

WARNING: Don’t waste energy on unnecessary worries and focus on finding solutions. Don’t put all your hopes and dreams into something unattainable at the moment.

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