Dream of Gluttony

MEANING: Dream of gluttony shows that you will probably have a somewhat uncomfortable and even sad feeling of loneliness today. The week has been very hard and you need to disconnect. You will be more sensitive than usual and more susceptible to what others may say or think. A new opportunity may be presented to you. If you want to have more energy and vitality you cannot continue to lead such a sedentary life.

SOON: Dream of gluttony expresses that you are old enough to make your own decisions. Labor issues are much more in favor than you think. You learn something that changes your perspective on work. Now it’s time to boost your virtues to recover it. Your physical ailments are related to your state of mind.

FUTURE: Dream of gluttony shows that your parents or someone very close to you will provide very important help. In a training course you could meet someone special. Only you can make each day special and unique. You will notice, in particular, one of them. You make good use of your time and feel better.

ADVICE: If you don’t see it clearly, you better leave on time. If you are jealous, don’t think twice about it and force a conversation with your partner.

WARNING: Don’t refuse an outing with friends for the sake of not spending, someone will be generous with you. Reflect on yourself alone and make firm determinations before it is too late.

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