Dream of Glass Bridge

MEANING: Dream of glass bridge means that to stay a while alone, reflecting on what surrounds and worries you, it is necessary. Perhaps you are going through a tough period and want to be on your own. Your personality seems to be divided between contradictory qualities and tendencies. Relativize things and turn history upside down so that that same history benefits you. Seize the moment and let yourself be carried away by feelings.

SOON: Glass bridge in dream shows that saying what you think is good, but with a little left hand, better. Others are there to support you in your progress and decisions, not to boycott you. No matter what has happened, the moment of power is the present. You know that life is often strange in many ways. Self-knowledge involves spending time in solitude asking uncomfortable questions.

FUTURE: Dream of glass bridge signifies that that will make the fear you have in relation to a certain family issue lessened to some extent. In the near future you will be able to make extraordinary investments. You will be predisposed to learn new disciplines or to open yourself to unconventional knowledge. You will be forced to defend your innocence. New opportunities to improve your financial status will come.

More about Glass Bridge

Dream of bridge means that you will start a new stage with a more positive attitude and a lot of faith in yourself. Your sexual attractiveness, your charisma increases and develops in a positive way. If you do it as a surprise, it can be a very special moment. You will thirst for wisdom, for wanting to learn new things, for engaging in new experiences. If you manage not to jump from one thing to another, good results will not be too long in coming.

Dream of glass expresses that you feel good and time flies by, you don’t want to waste it. You return to a monotony or to your usual occupations and this should not be an added stress. In general, the rest of the day will be quiet. You will see how everything negative is left behind. You will have a special interest in people with whom you have a closer relationship.

Dream of glass bridge contains special messages

ADVICE: You have to learn to be selfish, positive, and pamper yourself more. Say it loud and clear and you will feel much better.

WARNING: Avoid unnecessary expenses and postpone that trip for another time. Try to catch up or you may soon be overwhelmed.

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