Dream of Gay Wedding

MEANING: Dream of gay wedding symbolises that today will be a somewhat negative day in terms of health. You have come to an abrupt end in the pursuit of your goals. Complaining about everything continuously is not the solution. You will be very aware of everything that happens around you. Take into account the help that other people can offer you and everything will be more fun.

SOON: Gay wedding in dream suggests that unexpected revelations help you understand some situations you did not understand. You can now continue the project you had started. You are very happy that things are going well at work. Everything that was paralyzed in your life is slowly put back into motion. You want to start a serious relationship but are afraid to change your status.

FUTURE: Dream of gay wedding symbolises that even if you get a little tired at first, your energy will be regenerated. Delaying a trip that is not yet fully booked will be the smartest thing to do. Social life and love life are turned upside down. You will be in a euphoric moment, and that is not bad, if you know how to control the consequences. Communication will be better if you know how to convey what you really feel.

More about Gay Wedding

Dream of wedding signifies that now you will see the fruits of labor and effort bloom. You will do well to make things very clear. In a few days you will have the opportunity to talk to him. Everything is going to happen with a lot of lightness and good tone. The cooperation that others can give you will be of great help especially in your workplace.

Dream of gay wedding contains special messages

ADVICE: Show your most loving and helpful side and you will be giving your best. If you can, organize a dinner with close friends for the weekend.

WARNING: Analyze if you are giving too much importance to something that does not have. Don’t play all the cards and always have a plan b in the bedroom.

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