Dream of Fractions

MEANING: Dream of fractions expresses that you are trying to hone your skills and exercise your power. Today you will feel especially melancholic. You enter a new stage feeling like the master of your destiny. You are now receiving rewards and blessings for all you have sown in the past. It will be very comforting to enjoy any kind of cultural activity.

SOON: Dream of fractions suggests that the best thing is that you speak it, don’t shut up, and do it from the most sincere of your heart. Better to start a new reading than to stop reading because of lack of motivation. If you need to be distracted, the best thing to do is go to the movies. You start the day with a compelling need for attention. You have two possibilities, either to continue as you are or to grow and evolve.

FUTURE: Dream of fractions shows that your intuition will be your best ally in this case. You join excellent friendships that will be bridges to greater achievements. Good communication is the key to understanding. That attitude will provide you with a lot of observation. That will be very comforting, a very special moment.

ADVICE: You should take it easy before taking another step in your relationship. Try to do activities that will take your attention away from what you are worried about.

WARNING: Let go of that bad mood that can take hold of you. You must avoid any conflict that might lead you away from what you now need and want.

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