Dream of Fossils

MEANING: Dream of fossils indicates that almost everyone will recognize your worth, but there will be someone who will try to trip you up. Suddenly money issues will be thorny. Work will occupy your mind and time one hundred percent. You will have to solve a situation or problem at work, although it is not your job to do so. Changes are coming, it is true, but none will be related to what you might be told today.

SOON: Dream of fossils shows that it’s time to show more aggressiveness in demanding your rights. It’s time to turn the page and reinvent yourself. It’s been a long time since you’ve done any cultural activities. Healthy habits should be your priority, no matter how much you think they are secondary now. The responsibility is yours and it’s time to answer for it.

FUTURE: Dream of fossils shows that at work you will speak clearly and have positive responses. At night you will get it all without worrying about what others think. You will have a warm talk with someone in your family who needs your protection. You gain stability after a long personal maturation process. You can calculate the amount of champagne that you will need to celebrate such a good thing.

ADVICE: Focus on your tasks and don’t look at what others are doing. Ask him to respect your way of thinking and acting, since you have shown him that you do.

WARNING: Don’t keep spending money on things you don’t need. Take a deep breath and don’t let anger blind you.

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