Dream of Fleas

MEANING: Dream of fleas indicates that your behavior is distancing you from your peers and friends. You may be too tired today to say yes to a proposal that will be made. Just have fun and enjoy these days with the people you love most. You are still not entirely clear about which plan you want most for the end of the year. Life sometimes puts tests and suspensions serve to learn more about oneself.

SOON: Dream of fleas suggests that the best thing is simply not to give any information. You are interested in marking the times, not that others do. You’ve been more serious than usual for several days and others are starting to notice. You now put all your attention on family, friends and co-workers. Near you there is a person who expects more than you can give him affectively.

FUTURE: Dream of fleas shows that you will take a big step forward and be even closer than you once dreamed. You prepare yourself to enjoy them, perhaps in a certainly special company. You will find new affinities with your partner that will make you feel closer. You will leave aside everything that means or reminds you of work obligations. In the afternoon you will find a family problem that will not be serious, but it will be annoying.

ADVICE: Put into practice everything you have learned from your past experiences. Conclude some outstanding work activities and focus on new responsibilities.

WARNING: If they don’t come to you, don’t wait, do it yourself. Watch out for your credit card, which can give you a scare if you don’t check it.

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