Dream of Flatulence

MEANING: Dream of flatulence indicates that you are trying too hard to live up to the expectations of others. Economizing will help you through difficult times. Contain today your desire to say what you think to someone with a certain aggressiveness or bad mood. Be patient and don’t catch up with him. You are more hurt than you should be with someone very close to you.

SOON: Dream of flatulence expresses that you tend to be very prudent with money, especially at this time of the month. Believing in oneself is the key to reach the goal. It’s time for you to have fun and let go of control, letting yourself go. Life is teaching you to have confidence in yourself and in the decisions you make. The heart tells you to do one thing and the head tells you another.

FUTURE: Dream of flatulence expresses that you will find a special pleasure in searching for yourself, your real self. Your decisions will be right and very practical because your creativity is very strong. To excel in this project will open the doors to new responsibilities. It’s been too busy working days and now what you need is to enjoy and have fun. At the end of the day you will think that you have taken better advantage of them than you expected.

ADVICE: Changes what already needs to be replaced both at home and in the workplace. Make good use of it, but without precipitation of any kind, by taking short but safe steps.

WARNING: Consider that you may have to get away from that person or that group of friends. Try to keep a low profile to avoid questions.

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