Dream of Feeling Unsafe

MEANING: Dream of feeling unsafe means that you have to value the gifts that life is offering. Propose to smile and not give so much importance to what is not really important. There are certain changes at work, maybe a new boss or something you have to learn from scratch. There may be an unforeseen situation today that needs your ingenuity. You are not seeing straight with regards to some situation.

SOON: Dream of feeling unsafe shows that you deserve to have a good time after a few tiring days. You assume a new work situation that may require more time and a change in habits. You are worth much more than you sometimes think. Even seemingly bad things can be approached from a less tremendous angle. That gives you a lot of life force and makes you very active.

FUTURE: Dream of feeling unsafe indicates that someone from the past will reappear in your life. A journey is approaching in which you will experience new sensations that you did not know. Solitude will help you discover your potential. With little you will know how to do great things and give value to what really matters. Once you clarify your ideas you can move freely to wherever you want.

ADVICE: Develop greater will power so you can move forward with your projects or objectives. Try to look on the positive side of things and stop worrying about what has no solution.

WARNING: Don’t wait any longer and put a stop to this. Don’t hesitate to vent to someone you trust.

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