Dream of Feeling Sick

MEANING: Dream of feeling sick shows that a good friend will surprise you in a very special way and you will feel enormously grateful. Everything you need will be within your reach, but you should not skimp on improvements. Patience with your siblings or neighbors, if you have them. It is important to give in and respect the ways others act in order to live together. You are trying to relive parts of your past.

SOON: Feeling sick in dream suggests that it’s a good day for a walk in the open air. Usually you are very disciplined, but you know well what your weak point is. Love of self implies a personal commitment that is unconditional and lasting. This is someone you have known since childhood. There is a part of you that is very spiritual and somewhat removed from reality.

FUTURE: Dream of feeling sick indicates that along the way you will meet with selfless people who will help you achieve your goals. You will find a special pleasure in searching for yourself, your real self. You will feel spiritually very well and it will not burden you at all to do those favors. Right there, in the center of your stupefaction, will reside the seed of your renewed strength. You now have what you need, both emotionally and economically.

Dream of feeling sick contains special messages

ADVICE: Explain it well to all the people involved. Follow your own style and or follow the fashion, let her follow you.

WARNING: Do not neglect your health, as you will not be there for many celebrations. You must know, however, that the conclusion you will draw will not be understood at a rational level.

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