Dream of Feeling Sick

MEANING: Dream of feeling sick signifies that perhaps you will organize a party with friends that will last until. This summer, plan a different kind of vacation. It’s not a matter of agreeing with her, but of listening to her without prejudice. Everything is changing for you and this process will not stop. Today will be a calmer day in which you will have more capacity of maneuvering and conviction.

SOON: Dream of feeling sick expresses that it’s time to be honest with the people you love and be yourself. You are a resourceful and creative person and value others as well. Everything is easier when you know where you stand and have a plan. Sometimes a small sacrifice in the present can be a great joy in the future. If you have something in your hands, now is the time to put it into action.

FUTURE: Dream of feeling sick shows that you will be happy and see your picture more clearly, with more energy and practical sense of life. Women of the sign will be perfect hosts at any meeting. That soft and sensual tone will lead you to conquer many hearts. Now others will have to adapt to your conditions. Your personal relationships will go through their usual channels.

ADVICE: Allow your partner to pamper you and give you lots of love. Take the opportunity to finish some unfinished business before you go on vacation.

WARNING: Don’t feel guilty for not wanting to join a friend’s proposal that doesn’t convince you. If someone intimidates you, don’t let him or her take over.

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