Dream of Feeling Claustrophobic

MEANING: Dream of feeling claustrophobic symbolises that a negotiation progresses and you get rid of a bitter taste you had. Let others have their say and listen to what they have to say. Your love relationships will have a point of exaltation that will vivify and renew you inside. As soon as you set your mind to it, you will leave him totally impacted. If you don’t have a partner, have a party with friends and celebrate all the good things that have happened to you lately.

SOON: Dream of feeling claustrophobic means that you let yourself go with a certain euphoria, you see possibilities that a project starts to go ahead. It’s time to enjoy life to the fullest, without hesitation of any kind. There are people who support you and are willing to help you if you ask them. You continue with the emotions on the surface. You are faithful to your friends and confident, but sometimes in excess.

FUTURE: Dream of feeling claustrophobic expresses that your life will be linked in some way to that stranger within a short period of time. You will prepare everything for leisure with great care and the plans will go as you wish. You could be given a somewhat atypical professional proposal. You will receive a call that, at first, will seem very promising. If you are waiting for a solution or a work call, you will receive it soon and it will be positive.

ADVICE: Learn to enjoy leisure time and leave the problems at work. You have to be patient and wait a few days to return to the charge.

WARNING: Don’t be afraid of anything, put your head up and make yourself heard. Beware of irrational feelings that lead to conflict.

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