Dream of Exorcist

MEANING: Dream of exorcist suggests that you are already thinking about a project that you had parked and that now is being renewed. Don’t pay attention to possible rumors that would somehow affect your partner’s morality. Try to improve the relationship with your family, after all you have no other. Today you will express your emotions with much warmth and sweetness, especially to those people you love. Analyze what really interests you and go for it.

SOON: Dream of exorcist suggests that it’s a good time to plan trips and read about countries and cultures. You need a few moments of physical and mental retreat to replenish your energies. Being alone is very healthy because it often helps you to reflect. Someone stops his feet and puts things in place. That’s positive as long as you don’t make castles in the air.

FUTURE: Dream of exorcist indicates that you will conquer and bewitch everyone who enters your space. Harmony comes from the stability you have with your partner or those with whom you relate. You can set firm and insurmountable limits as soon as possible. Conversations, intellectual encounters will lead you to make changes in the way of thinking. Feeling useful will give you the energy and security you need.

ADVICE: Be aware of what really suits you in all aspects. Have fun at every step and improvise as opportunities arise.

WARNING: Don’t try to change a friend who has certain unhealthy habits. You don’t have to wait until next year, the sooner you do it the better.

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