Dream of Eternity

MEANING: Dream of eternity indicates that time does not pass in vain and the best thing is to live the present and make the most of it. Sometimes you think that your world is too small and that you should open your horizons and you are right. There are so many things to solve, so many papers, so much to do, that you feel overwhelmed. See what you are doing with your life and if you are working long hours lately. You will be very impulsive and spontaneous today and will not mind saying out loud what you think.

SOON: Dream of eternity indicates that you are much more valuable than your problems, and they can do nothing with you. The advantages of eating well are many and you know it. Joy is the best seasoning for all life’s recipes. Summer is the ideal time to enjoy an adventure without commitment. Keep in mind that love is to continue to grow and to live more fully.

FUTURE: Dream of eternity symbolises that a loved one will surprise you with news that will make you very happy. You can go far if you don’t get out of the way. In the working world you will enjoy interesting trips and contacts abroad. You may have to do some activity that will help you eliminate toxins, purify your body. Your family comes first and that is what you will prioritize.

ADVICE: Take care of your things now, concentrate on what you know will lead you to success. Let your imagination fly, for an old idea you can make money.

WARNING: You will have to pay attention to the conditions in order not to be disappointed. Don’t let an argument at work make your day bitter, because it’s not that bad.

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