Dream of Seeds

MEANING: Dream of seeds suggests that you may be dealing with life issues of birth, marriage and death. Trying to do it well is one thing and suffering for it is another very different thing that brings you nothing positive. You are on your way toward realizing your goals and desires. Control your emotions so you can explain yourself correctly or you will not be heard. Normality will be the general tone of the day.

SOON: Dream of seeds shows that it’s time to turn your love life around and go for what you really want. You can tell that longer afternoons feel good. You want something very badly and mentally you are preparing for it. This is a matter that you talked about a month ago and that was not clarified. It’s good to ask someone more experienced than you to help.

FUTURE: Dream of seeds signifies that a little sport or just a good walk will be good medicine. A very busy day awaits you, intense and with many interesting conversations. Others will appreciate this attitude and will respond to you in the same way. Even though it is not what you had planned, the truth is that you are going to feel much calmer. You will enjoy the day and will easily forget the thorny issues you now have around you.

ADVICE: Try not to be impertinent and relax your bad mood a little. You must increase focus on goals and successes.

WARNING: Don’t stop paying debts related to close friends. Do not get involved in complicated situations, much less with the bosses.

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