Dream of Eating Swans

MEANING: Dream of eating swans symbolises that you are going through a period of turmoil, inner transformation and self-renewal. When it comes to love, you will be able to express your feelings more easily. Some hidden aspect of yourself is coming to the surface. The truth is that it is something that renews you and makes you feel close to yours. No matter how much you disagree with what he tells you, it will not help you to try to contradict him.

SOON: Eating swans in dream symbolises that managing emotions effectively is your debt. At some point, someone changes their mind. Advice is fine, but you must decide for yourself. You need the recognition and support of those you love and those who are by your side. With a lot of effort, you have made an important project and your bosses are happy with you.

FUTURE: Dream of eating swans signifies that you receive now your reward for your good deeds towards others. Your physical health will improve if you eliminate negative ideas from your head. Tranquility will return thanks to the tolerant attitude of loved ones and closest friends. Your jealousy could be very active, so be careful. Intimate or personal life is emphasized by making you enjoy the family atmosphere.

More about Eating Swans

Dream of swans shows that right there, in the center of your stupefaction, will reside the seed of your renewed strength. At the end of the working day you will meet a good friend and come upstairs. Although you are not vindictive, you will take revenge as soon as possible. The muses will inspire you and you will manage to finish something that was completely stuck. Someone may be falling in love with you and you will have to be prepared for what that means.

Dream of eating swans contains special messages

ADVICE: You must be smarter than him and keep your distance. If you have met someone interesting, try to meet them again.

WARNING: Try not to be too ostentatious, because these are not times for unnecessary display. Bury the fear and indecision or you will be stuck in time.

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