Dream of Eating Banku

MEANING: Dream of eating banku expresses that there may even be an important change that renews your illusions. Make it very clear to her that you only have eyes for her and that she is the most important person to you. You have everything in your favor so that any operation goes the way you want it to. Highlight your artistic talents and bury your shyness. You like to be low-key about your intentions or goals.

SOON: Dream of eating banku symbolises that your positive attitude to life helps you solve all your problems satisfactorily. The relationship with the couple is intensified in the intimate aspect. You go through a moment of emotional calm. You know very well that you have to work for what you value. You are going through a very positive time personally.

FUTURE: Dream of eating banku shows that that quiet time helps you regain your strength. You may even see clearly what is expected of you in other ways. You come out of loneliness and you will feel now loved and valued as you deserve and long for. Pilates and swimming will help strengthen your muscles and make you feel better. You will successfully deal with business.

ADVICE: Your goals should be as real as possible. Think that it can be a positive experience at heart and that not everything is negative.

WARNING: Try not to get too attached to your mental posture and thus avoid excessive and unnecessary friction. Thou shalt not again give thy heart to him that knoweth not to value thee.

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I dreamt of eating banku and okro