Dream of Eagles

MEANING: Dream of eagles expresses that anything that means profit will get your attention and interest. Don’t pay for it by splashing your bad mood on your family or partner. It’s time to take the leap you wanted to take, enjoying and savoring every moment. Today you will be a sea of doubts and it will cost you to take firm steps. In a meeting of friends you will find out something you did not know.

SOON: Dream of eagles signifies that you have at your disposal all the answers, although to obtain them you must not move away from love. Luck is on your side especially if you are looking for a job. You have given your best, but now it is your turn to know how to stop. You are completely healthy, but health is taken care of day by day. Worries at work are being removed, at least for the time being.

FUTURE: Dream of eagles symbolises that you’re going to waste your imagination and have an incredible power of convocation. The romantic details, which they like so much, can be quite effective. Seeing a seed germinate will be an omen of good luck for you. You will take a firm step towards a major purchase. Your friends will notice this change and will be by your side to pamper you.

ADVICE: You don’t have to do anything except listen to the signals around you. Try to order your mind to go step by step solving them all.

WARNING: Be aware of reality as it is, without creating sand castles. Don’t take unnecessary risks that may affect your economy or the state of your accounts.

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