Dream of Dung

MEANING: Dream of dung symbolises that don’t let yourself be manipulated by an acquaintance who is always trying to take you to his turf. On the other hand, you should give a vote of confidence to a person close to you. You need to express some aspect of your feeling. Consider if you are making more commitments than you can handle. Family matters take importance and there are many events that will take you out of the routine.

SOON: Dream of dung symbolises that the best you can do is accept the changes and learn the lesson. Of course you can achieve a goal that sometimes seems unrealistic. They accuse you, point at you, talk about you behind your back, but you don’t get upset. You and only you know what happens inside you and what you want to do in life. You are a person who sometimes behaves shyly and sometimes outwardly.

FUTURE: Dream of dung shows that your horizons expand especially with everything that is related to the foreigner. Your word will be respected, especially in family relationships and more so if you have children. An intimate plan will help you release tension and disconnect from routine worries. You will feel protected by guardian friends and the social will be your shelter. This way it will be much more bearable, even interesting.

ADVICE: Take a further step in this direction, moving towards caring for yourself. You should talk to her before the situation escalates and you decide to cut your losses.

WARNING: Don’t give too much credibility to a project that is proposed to you at work. Assume that the beginnings are hard and that you may have to accept things that do not satisfy you.

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