Dream of Drinks

MEANING: Dream of drinks signifies that don’t try to avoid pain with distractions that lead nowhere but to avoidance. Life will put a person in your path who can help you. You will be quite vitalistic and excited as a child with christmas and leisure plans. It is your chance, however, to leave behind what has already happened. Make it clear what you want to say and, above all, don’t get the wrong recipient.

SOON: Dream of drinks signifies that you don’t lack money, but sometimes you are a little obsessed with getting more than you need. You have more options than you think when choosing something you need to acquire. You return to a place that you have always loved and that helps you feel better. It’s time to leave the costumes behind and let yourself be you. You are going through a good time personally.

FUTURE: Dream of drinks indicates that an important person comes back to you if you make a small effort. It’s a way to avoid conflict with someone who always puts up a fight. Your popularity with others will increase. You do well to listen to other theories and draw your own conclusions. A friend who has been through the same thing will give you valuable advice.

ADVICE: You should take up the professional contacts of the past, because they will be very useful to you. Make an appointment with someone who can make you feel better and put a stop to your discomfort.

WARNING: Don’t keep carrying problems that belong to other people. Try to be a little less naive so you don’t have to regret it later.

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