Dream of Dough

MEANING: Dream of dough symbolises that you will hesitate to make an investment about which you have great doubts. You are experiencing some sort of blackout. Don’t be lazy and don’t get caught up in laziness. You need to let go of some past emotions. Without anyone being able to remedy it, an event will occur that will make you explode.

SOON: Dream of dough symbolises that the important thing is that you keep on doing things right, as you have done up to now. If you set your mind to it, you could greatly improve the management of your income and expenses. You are seriously thinking about going back to school to take an exam or a competition. You have already tried to make him see how important it would be to take better care of himself. The solution to economic problems is not in gambling, but in your perseverance.

FUTURE: Dream of dough expresses that a propitious moment to show your superiors that idea that is going around in your head. The couple who may demand a little collaboration in some domestic matters. You come out of an impasse where you have felt imprisoned for some time. You will feel like changing or moving to another place. If you work too hard your body will demand the rest it needs.

ADVICE: If you lose your temper, rectify it as soon as you realize you have lost it. Give yourself the credit you deserve for working so excellently.

WARNING: Be careful not to make mistakes and don’t be afraid to make bold proposals. Try not to burden others with your concerns.

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