Dream of Doing Abhishekam To Lord Shiva

MEANING: Dream of doing abhishekam to lord shiva expresses that take a deep breath and don’t let someone’s words hurt or bother you. You are filling a social void in your life. You will experience a small dispute with a neighbor or someone in your family environment. Avoid your desire for perfectionism on this journey. You are too busy with other things to worry about your personal life.

SOON: Dream of doing abhishekam to lord shiva means that now that you have achieved what you wanted you don’t know what to do with it. You fight with all your strength for what you want. You’re a little tight on money, but that can change. Maybe it’s time to ask yourself where you are in the relationship. You are anxious for physical and emotional rest and now is the time to achieve it.

FUTURE: Dream of doing abhishekam to lord shiva shows that a family reunion can lead to career opportunities. You are going to rethink some important issues in your relationship. Your image will be enhanced and you may well receive several compliments. The reaction will be bigger than the cause and then, for sure, will come the regrets and the sorrows. That will be positive as long as you control and lead the game.

ADVICE: In any case, if there is criticism, try to see what you learn with it for the future. Try not to be impertinent and relax your bad mood a little.

WARNING: Keep your distance from strange or unfamiliar places and people. Don’t stay home and celebrate with your friends.

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I got a dream in which I was doing abhishekam to naga devatha and shivling, then after that shivling was broke. Then I saw so many big brownish black bulls standing in my way as if they will attack.


I dream about someone was abhishekam to Little Krishna me and my Little sister was watching and smiling


I dreamed me and my mother was doing abhishekam to lord Shivalinga