Dream of Dead Fish In Water

MEANING: Dream of dead fish in water indicates that others may take advantage of you and your gullibility. Many times you run away from social conventions, today also. Family life is stabilized and harmony, balance and order reign again. You will find a way to solve a domestic problem that is getting out of hand. What apparently will be a coincidence will hide the message you need to receive right now.

SOON: Dead fish in water in dream indicates that you recover from all the tragedies of yesterday. The important thing is that your intention to love remains intact. If you are looking for descendants, this is a good time to ask your partner. Sometimes it is better to let things go and start from scratch. In other words, you know from experience that you have to fight for what you want.

FUTURE: Dream of dead fish in water indicates that many will attack you, but you will be in your center of peace, love and harmony. You want this night to be special and you will get it. Tomorrow a small surprise awaits you that will become a great joy. You will not have problems and if you drag some ailment you will feel a great improvement. You won’t mind interrupting those chores or changing some plan.

More about Dead Fish In Water

Dream of fish means that in the next three days a new opportunity will arise to do something. You may be attracted to someone in your school or work environment. An acquaintance will propose you something that will not leave you indifferent nor much less. All that will make you happy, with the desire to do things. Sentimentally it will be a quite enriching day, whether you have a partner or not.

Dream of water indicates that one of them will be the one to support you in your needs. You will be very calm and with very clear ideas. When the work is done you will be very happy. Conversations will give you important information. Your dependents will be very cooperative.

Dream of fish in water symbolises that this weekend you will gather your usual friends in a party that will be memorable. If you hear it, you can take the appropriate action. You may come up with a trip or a play activity you didn’t plan. There will hardly be any conflicts with anyone around you and everything will go smoothly. You will have to give your best to overcome a challenge that will suddenly arise.

Dream of dead fish indicates that you will have a great time without making great efforts, with the most daily things. Prudence with everything, although your state of mind will be very positive. You will put on the tablecloth an economic theme. You will discover a deep truth if you listen to the voice that comes from your soul. Only in this way you can get what you want, because you alone will not.

Dream of dead fish in water contains special messages

ADVICE: Consult with your partner, but make the decision soon. Try to take it easy and face the unexpected with good humor.

WARNING: That’s right, but don’t waste a minute on it. Be careful not to fall into extremes, either in your work or in your leisure.

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