Dream of Fish

MEANING: Dream of fish signifies that fear can have a lot of information available to you. Everything will be easier if you manage to be nice to that person who is bothering you. You will be confronted with reality and will have to accept a not entirely pleasant situation. Certain reluctance and apathy will take hold of you today from the morning and will last a good part of the day. You need to be a leader instead of a follower.

SOON: Dream of fish symbolises that there is no one who can change your mind at this time. The essential thing is that you enjoy being with a person you haven’t seen for a long time. You want to start a serious relationship but are afraid to change your status. You like secrets too much and sometimes you play with the information others give you. Sometimes it is convenient to retire on time, but for that it is necessary to keep the battle weapon.

FUTURE: Dream of fish means that a matter of friendship is straightened out, takes a much more suitable or interesting turn. This will bring you into a serious conversation in which you will make your arguments. If you show some docility, things will go better. What you kept secret or silent now comes out, so that you can solve it or clarify. New opportunities present themselves, but you will have to think carefully about what you choose.

ADVICE: Wait for an acquaintance to give you an exceptional. Go ahead with confidence and everything will be resolved for the greatest good of all involved.

WARNING: Don’t let more time go by without exercising. Don’t let yourself be dragged, not even one more day, by anxiety.

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