Dream of Cupboard

MEANING: Dream of cupboard symbolises that at home you will tend to disperse all day long. You will have a great interest in increasing your purchasing power. That was taking too much of an emotional toll on you and you’d do well to stop it. You are losing your authority or effectiveness in some area of your life. Surround yourself with beautiful objects, but do not keep things from the past that are no longer useful.

SOON: Dream of cupboard means that establishing good communication and cooperation is very important now. Communication flows very easily and with good tone. You think i could have waited until tomorrow to tell you. It’s in your best interest to be on good terms with everyone so that there is a favorable climate. The earth helps you to find yourself and feel much more centered.

FUTURE: Dream of cupboard suggests that the result will be magnificent if you manage to open your heart. That truth will enlarge your heart and make you a little stronger. You can get the promotion you want or position yourself as you deserve. At home they will give you news that will end up making your day. When you want, you can play very well to make the clueless.

ADVICE: Before making a major investment, study well the possibilities of success you have. Even if you don’t find support, dare to take on a new project.

WARNING: Stand firm and do not tolerate emotional blackmail of any kind. Try to reach an agreement or you will get hurt.

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