Dream of Cruise

MEANING: Dream of cruise means that you’ll want to organize a party to celebrate, you’ll get to it. Today is the perfect day to indulge yourself, enjoy yourself and better if you do it with your family. This will also help you to regain your peace of mind and your nerves. Although it may not seem like it, sometimes losing a day is gaining many more. For now put your attention on home, family and relationship.

SOON: Dream of cruise expresses that the key to regaining your emotional health is to be aware of what you really want. Your personal relationships become the focus. You can’t help but feel like a protagonist and be the center of attention. You need very often an intellectual stimulus to move forward. You are often labeled differently because your personality is changing.

FUTURE: Dream of cruise means that you may want to do something that others find eccentric or whimsical. This will give you more security and emotional stability, which will make your life easier. You will overcome it when you are aware that doing so is the best for you. You will avoid a major problem with your intelligence. You will feel great because you will realize what it means to help others.

ADVICE: Understand that you are unique, and that each person sees reality differently. Be more flexible, adapt to what you cannot change.

WARNING: If your economy is somewhat tight, you better not overdo it with gifts. Don’t try to speed up a response on something related to money.

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