Dream of Compass

MEANING: Dream of compass means that it will help you regain the peace of mind you need, since you are a bit upset lately. You are behaving childish or immaturely. You may encounter internal resistance, but you can overcome it all if you decide to act. During these days the focus is on your professional life and your position in society. You may need to consult a former acquaintance to get to the right professional.

SOON: Dream of compass symbolises that if you feel good with your partner, don’t question her all the time. The confusion and uncertainty of days gone by is far from you. Your love relationships are now very important. Sometimes, going unnoticed is the best policy. You mentally work out how to approach the issue from another, much more effective, perspective.

FUTURE: Dream of compass means that everything can happen, but it is you who must allow it. You will see it right away if you get into it, even if you have never. In the sentimental aspect you will experience an important evolution towards a greater maturity. You will have to stand firm to demand from others their share of effort. New experiences will strengthen you economically.

ADVICE: If you have doubts about something, ask a good friend for advice. Keep in mind that only you can manage to feel at peace or live in discord.

WARNING: Don’t be aggressive and think that the depths of each one must come out to improve. Don’t be influenced by friends who are not living the same life as you.

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